Keep your stove and countertops clean with the OXO Good
Grips Splatter Screen. Made of perforated stainless steel, the
Splatter Screen keeps grease contained when you fry bacon,
sausages, potatoes and more. The Screen fits frying pans up to
thirteen inches wide and features grooved rings to rest the
screen on different sized pans. The soft, comfortable handle
locks securely in the open position and folds down for compact
storage. Helpful hint: The Splatter Screen is also perfect for
making crisp stove-top popcorn!


  • Splatter Screen is made of perforated stainless steel and is easier to clean, plus won't clog or burn like mesh screens.
  • Fits frying pans up to 13 inches wide.
  • Concentric rings center and secure screen on frying pan.
  • Soft, comfortable screen handle conveniently nests over frying pan handle.
  • Dishwasher safe.


Oxo Splatter Screen

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