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India Tree Cinnamon is the sweet bark of the cassia tree, a native of Sri Lanka and Seychelles. Today, cassia is grown in Indonesia and other regions of southeast Asia. Cinnamon was introduced to the West long ago by Arab traders. Cinnamon is used extensively in the Middle East, India, and China, to flavor meat and rice dishes. In Europe and North America, we use it primarily in cakes, pies, and other baked goods. Depending on the intensity of flavor desired in a dish, cinnamon may be used whole, crushed, or ground. The flavor of cinnamon is best preserved by storing it in sticks and grinding or crushing it only as needed. Grind India Tree Cinnamon and blend it with sugar to sprinkle over sugar cookies and toast; add it to a Moroccan tagine; mix ground cinnamon with cocoa powder and add to coffee for a delicious hot drink; marinade orange slices in their own juice spiked with a cinnamon stick to create a light, refreshing finish to a meal.
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