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Helen's Asian Kitchen Steaming Ring 11in

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Helen's Asian Kitchen Steaming Ring quickly converts any stockpot or Dutch oven into a compatible base for using bamboo steamers directly over the steaming pot. No more sacrificing the use of woks or stirfry pans while steaming foods. Don't risk boiling away the wok's naturally accrued non-stick patina seasoning, that coveted buildup which accrues over time to create a naturally non-stick surface. Specially designed to support 10-inch bamboo steamers over stockpots or Dutch ovens, the Steaming Ring frees up woks and stirfry pans for other cooking tasks while foods steam simultaneously over a separate pot. Have the best of both worlds, stirfried and steamed foods at the same time, for healthier meals with less cooking time. A useful addition to cooking utensils and steaming tools that's so easy to use and stores away flat in a kitchen cabinet. Simply set the Steaming Ring over a stockpot of boiling water. Place the 10-inch bamboo steamer on top and cook foods according to recipe. Do not allow pot to boil dry. Made from aluminum, Helen Chen's Steaming Ring is lightweight, yet strong and durable. Will never rust. Hand wash in warm, soapy water.

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