Villa Jerada - Ras el Hanout
Villa Jerada - Ras el Hanout

Our unique mélange of organic herbs is unlike anything Ras el Hanout you will find. We've mixed fourteen ingredients thoughtfully sourced from around the world to create a blend that brings a subtle floral hint of rose and lavender mixed with fragrant spices of cardamom, galangal, mace, saffron, fennel and monk pepper to obtain the perfect mix for Mrouzia (Moroccan lamb confit) the traditional dish that Ras el Hanout it is mainly used for.

Fused with the signature of generations past to compliment the global palate of today. Add a touch of complexity with savory, sweet, zesty flavors to a multitude of dishes. Recommended for: The main ingredient for Mrouzia (Moroccan lamb confit), fish, salad, soup, meat, coffee, yogurt and ice cream.

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