Enjoy delicious cheese fondue with the Tapas Fondue Nero L. This complete fondue set comes with a compact, square fondue pot with a capacity of 21 fl. oz., large enough for 12.35 oz. of melted cheese or 13.53 oz. of warm sauce. The perfect original snack for an informal get-together or party. 

Fondue for two 
The black, ceramic fondue pot has a unique square design. With a capacity of 21 fl. oz., you can easily prepare a cheese fondue meal for two or a great-tasting appetizer for four. The tea light on the oak base keeps the cheese warm for hours.  

Also perfect for warm sauces 
Planning to hold a family get-together or barbecue? This fondue set is your perfect partner! It keeps your tasty dips, like satay or mushroom sauce, warm while you eat. It's also perfect for informal get-togethers. The four fondue forks (included) can be used to dip your appetizers into the fondue.  

The fondue pot can only be used in the microwave. If you only have a different heat source – such as an induction or electric stove – we recommend you use a different pot to heat the fondue.

Dishwasher-safe fondue pot 
Finished enjoying your fondue? Simply pop the fondue pot in the dishwasher. The fondue forks can be washed by hand and the base wiped down with a wet cloth. Spray the wooden base regularly with BOSKA Board Oil (not included) to protect it from splitting, staining and absorbing odors.

Tapas Fondue Nero L - 20.3 fl oz

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