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Rustic Reach - Artificial Flower Van Gogh Sunflower Bunch 21" Tall

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Color: Yellow
Quantity: Three Bunches
PRODUCT Artificial Flower - Handmade Artificial Flower Bunch FLOWER Sunflower DIMENSIONS 6.3" Bloom X 20.8" Tall; 5 flowers on one bunch MATERIAL Fiber, Silk Cloth, Flannel Fabric, Plastic COLOR Green, White, Yellow, Mixed Colors It is well-known that Van Gogh is famous for his sunflower painting. The sunflower in Van Gogh’s works is so gorgeous, beautiful, harmonious, elegant and even delicate as the flaming flame. The motion-rich and spinning strokes are so thick and powerful. The sunflower in Gogh’s works is not only a plant, but a life with primitive impulse and enthusiasm. Sunflower is named for its inflorescence turning with the sun.

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