Feel confident in cleanly cutting your pizzas of all sizes and styles in your establishment with this OXO 26681 Good Grips 4" stainless steel pizza cutter with thumb guard. With a stainless steel blade edge equipped to slice through crusts of various depths, from Chicago-style thick crust to New York-style thin, this pizza cutter is an all-purpose powerhouse for your pizza kitchen.

This stainless steel pizza cutter is made with the signature Good Grips design, providing a comfortable, non-slip handle that absorbs the pressure of the wheel when in use. Plus, an additional thumb guard protects fingers from the quick-moving blade, keeping you and your employees safe from harm. The entire tool is dishwasher-safe for thorough sanitation at the end of a shift, and a secure hole in the base of the handle allows for easy storage as well as immediate accessibility for future use. Keep one workhorse cutter on hand for all your pizza needs with this nonstick pizza cutter.

Oxo Pizza Wheel

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