Keeping your sink free of clutter can be a challenge, but with the OXO Stronghold Suction Sponge Holder, you can organize your space with ease. This unique set comes with a suction-cup base and a stainless steel hook that locks in and is removable for easy cleaning. This holder allows your sponge to dry quickly and reduces the clutter on your countertop. Get the OXO Stronghold Suction Sponge Holder today and keep your sponges clean and dry! 

Stronghold Sponge Holder Features: 

  • Suction-cups to any sink
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Disassembles for easy use
  • Reduces countertop clutter
  • Ventilated for quick, sanitary drying
OXO Suction Sponge Holder

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