Guinettes by Chocolaterie de Margaux are unique treats made from cognac-soaked sour Morello cherries coated in premium quality chocolate. Guinettes carry a distinctively fruity aroma with bitter, tart notes of cognac. 

French have a culinary obsession with chocolate. First introduced in 1615 as a noble and luxurious wedding gift to King Louis XIII, French chocolate is renowned worldwide for its refined taste. The secret of global success is quality and strict guidelines – the country is loved for making the least sweetened chocolate delights with a minimal amount of butter and cream. With more than 300 chocolate shops scattered all over the town, Paris is known as the chocolate capital of the world.

Ever since 1696, Chocolaterie de Margaux has been creating some of the most tempting French chocolate delights. That’s how the brand quickly became synonymous with the highest quality and innovative products worldwide. Located in Margaux, a small village near Bordeaux, the brand incorporates local culture into its unique assortment.

Guinettes by Chocolaterie de Margaux will be the perfect gift for any occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day! These sweet and sour cherry delights will pair impeccably with a frothy Cappuccino. However, you can use them to decorate your chocolate cake or embellish your cup of hot chocolate!

Margaux Chocolate Cherries

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