• Full Flavor: Delicate-tasting confit is the product of long, slow cooking that respects ingredients and reveals their full flavor. French pork is supplemented by a subtle flavor of black pepper
  • Quality: A rich and creamy, all natural pate made with the highest quality by Henaff, an independent, family run company
  • Versatile: Henaff pate pairs perfectly with cheese, charcuterie, a glass of wine and is the perfect gourment selection for your table
  • Great for Parties: Fine, flavorsome ingredients presented in an attractive glass jar are the perfect choice for an appetizer. Serve on lightly grilled toast to provide a pleasant contrasting crunch to the smoothness of the pâté
  • glass jar · 90g (3.2 oz)
  • Hénaff · Pork liver confit with peppercorn

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