With the sturdy Cheese Fondue Set Party Pro, you can have hours of enjoyment with delicious cheese fondue. The cast iron pot is suitable for every type of cooktop and it holds 30.4 fl oz. This is enough for a dinner for two or a snack for four. This complete set also includes a base, burner and fondue forks. 

Suitable for any cooktop
Gas, induction, ceramic or electric – it makes no difference what kind of cooktop you have. The robust cast iron pot in this fondue set is suitable for any cooktop! Your fondue cheese will be melted in no time at all and ready for you to enjoy.

For 2 to 4 persons
The sturdy fondue pot holds 30.4 fl oz. This is big enough for 21.2 ounces of cheese fondue. It will provide a dinner for two or a unique snack for a group of four. The burner on the cast iron base keep the melted cheese warm for you.

The fondue pot can only be used on or in an induction, gas, electric or ceramic cooktop, oven or barbecue.If you only have a different heat source – such as a microwave – we recommend using a different pot to heat the fondue.

Easy to clean
You can enjoy a fondue at any time, but after use, it’s time to clean the set. Luckily, this takes no time at all. Just wash the fondue pot and the four fondue forks by hand in some warm water and dish soap. Wipe the base with a damp cloth and you’re done! Who are you going to invite to your next fondue party?

Cheese Fondue Set Party Pro - 30.4 fl oz

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