Midnight Madness in Annapolis - 12.9

Midnight Madness in Annapolis - 12.9

Jennifer Baker

December 9: 6-9 p.m. (store open until midnight)

For our second Midnight Madness, we’re excited to continue highlighting our fabulous brand partner, LAFCO New York.

Many of you have enjoyed their signature scents such as Champaign, Sea & Dune, and Marine. This holiday we’re excited to welcome their holiday collection, as well as special scents including Black Amber Vanilla and Vetiver Sage. 

During Midnight Madness our brand partner and expert, Phyllis Martin is joining us to discuss Lafco’s products, scent profiles, and signature designs. We’ve a very special free gift with purchase, and everyone may enter for a chance to win a signed candle by LAFCO founder, Jon Bresler.

About Lafco

All of our products are designed with our pure promise in mind. We strive to deliver a high-quality, natural, sustainable, and guilt-free experience. From environmental concerns to our very own health, we understand the value in premium quality goods and experiences. We embody those values by using ethically sourced ingredients, sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices. We hope our products evoke a soothing, invigorating, meditative and inspiring sensory response.

About Jon Bresler

Jon Bresler founded LAFCO after becoming accustomed to the aromatherapy traditions in Europe after living in Switzerland. He launched LAFCO by introducing and distributing European skincare and artistic perfumery brands, including Santa Maria Novella, Claus Porto, Korres Natural Skin Care, Lorenzo Villoresi and Eau d’Italie perfumes into the United States. Years later, he established LAFCO as it’s own brand inspired by the tradition and experience of a European apothecary.

With roots in botanical skin care and niche perfumery, and because the mission is to create products that look, smell, feel good and are good for you, the brand centers around exceptional fragrance, thoughtful craftsmanship, ethical practices and the finest pure materials.



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