It’s Strawberry Shortcake Season

It’s Strawberry Shortcake Season

Jennifer Baker

The summer is hot and the cicadas are silent here on the Eastern Shore. At first I though the cicada situation was being overblown, and then I was shocked to hear their din during my drive from Annapolis back to Chestertown. The Friday night commute across the bridge is long, but so are the days. Thankfully the longer days mean excellent porch sits. 

We’re back to hosting endless summer night dinners with family and friends. We’re feeling pretty ready for an endless basket of grilled vegetables and freshly caught rockfish.

Every event is to be celebrated. After a collective year of dialing it back, we’re all ready to run forward. We’re looking for beautiful ease. The joy of delighting each other with company, good food, and endless laugher. 

As we’re shopping for the store, we’re looking for the little things that make you smile. The, “quick starts” to help you accelerate the making process. When we found these strawberry shortcake pans from Nordic Ware, it was love at first sight.

We’re imagining little lemon cake baskets filled with fresh strawberries. Or strawberry cake baskets filled with fresh blueberries. A dollop of whipping cream, of course. Maybe a shaving or two of dark chocolate. 

Celebrate well. Laugh loud. Enjoy a bite of cake. This is going to be a good summer.

Wishing you the very best,

Jenn & John